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Eric Raymond

Eric Raymond is the main antagonist of Jem & the Holograms, a greedy and manipulative music executive who initially runs Starlight Music at the time of Emmett Benton's death. Shortly afterwards, his main focus is to gain back full control of the company, half of which was left to him, and the other half left to Jerrica. Eric is not a member of the Misfits but created the group in an attempt to oust Jerrica. Eric loses his half of Starlight Music to Jerrica and forms Misfits Music (financed by Harvey Gabor, Pizzazz's father) which is later renamed Stingers Sound when he signs a new band the Stingers. Handsome and extremely devious, he is a very smart and savvy (albeit dishonest) business man and will resort to almost anything to sabotage Jem and the Holograms ranging from fraud to hiring goons. Eric also desires to know Jem's true identity. Eric also has some limited knowledge of Synergy's existence through a private detective he hired, but is largely in the dark about what her true origins are. In his final appearance, "The Day the Music Died", he and Pizzazz were so stressed out by the Starlight Girls, they had to surrender Starlight Music back to Jerrica when she returned.

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