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Oh, you don't care about the environment? That's kinda f**ked up, man.
~ Eric Molson
You know what happens to a handsome guy like me in jail?! It rhymes with "GRAPE"!
~ Eric Molson

Eric Molson is a high school student who is a hypocritical environmentalist with the passion for the Earth's environment. He serves as a major antagonist of the 2012 comedy 21 Jump Street and has a small cameo in 22 Jump Street

Eric is portrayed by Dave Franco (James Franco's younger brother) who also played Pete Regazolli in Neighbors.


He first met Jenko and Schmidt at high school, and text them to meet them in a janitor's closet, and gave them the H.F.S. drugs on their mouths.

Jenko and Schmidt also invite him to a party at their house to gain his trust, and help him by stealing his phone distracting him, fighting a rival of his.

They also spend time with him, distracting him, and they learn he was making a deal with Domingo and his gang. When they both head to the prom, they went with him only to be surprised that Eric was under the influence of the gym teacher, Mr. Walters.

When Domingo arrived, he and Mr. Walters betrayed him and his gang, running off in a limo and taking Molly hostage, Eric was frightened that he did not want to shoot with a gun.

After Mr. Walters was castrated, both he and Eric are seen being arrested.

In 22 Jump Street, Jenko and Schmidt visit Eric and Mr. Walters in prison, where Walters claims to be Eric's bitch while Eric begs them to get him out.



  • Eric was the main antagonist for the majority of the film, but when Domingo and Mr. Walters emerge, Eric is demoted to a major antagonist, since Domingo was far more dangerous than Eric, and Mr. Walters had bigger plans and was the true mastermind all along.