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Eric Byer

Eric Byer

Eric Byer
is the main antagonist in the 2012 movie The Bourne Legacy.  

He was portrayed by Edward Norton. 


Byer is a part of the National Research-Essay group and a former USAF colonel. All of his actions have to do with brainwashing and causing murder. Byer discovered damaging content, which led Treadstone and Outcome agents to meet in public. Byer decided to kill all Outcome agents to prevent Treadstone from discovering Outcome's top-secret technological genetic advances. He tried to use a drone to kill Aaron Cross, the protagonist, and Number 3. However, a wolf uses it. He genetically brainwashed Dr. Donald Foite into killing all of his clients and then himself. However, there was one person, named Dr. Marta Sheering, that . However, Byer sends officials to murder her, but Aaron Cross saves her. Eventually, he sends LARX-3, a chemically engineered soldier, to kill them.