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Eric Brooks (Doppelganger) (Earth-616) 0001

The Doppelganger named Eric Brooks is a clone of the Vampire Hunter Blade, he was created by Deacon Frost. When Blade and Hannibal King have resumed their search for Deacon Frost, their trail leading them to yet another apartment. Hannibal suggests that they enter in quietly, however Blade will have none of that and decides to kick down the front door and burst in with wood knives drawn. He is in for the shock of a life time when he finds out that the stories of Frost having a doppelganger of Blade are true, and worse this doppelganger is also a vampire. Face to face at last, the vampire doppelganger tells Blade that they will fight to the finish and that it will succeed in destroying Blade.

Blade fights his vampire doppelganger, and is shocked to find that the two are beginning to fuse together upon physical contact. Hannibal King tries to rush to Blade's rescue, however he is too late to stop the merging from completing. With the vampire doppelganger in full control of their unified body.

The Doppelganger attacks Hannibal King, and despite his savage fury, he is easily fought off by King who stabs the faux-Blade in the chest with one of his own wooden daggers, sending the imitator out a window allowing Hannibal to escape.

Hannibal King is still fleeing from the vampire doppelganger of Blade and their fight crashes into Dracula's party. Deacon Frost is among the crowd and he watches eagerly as this is all part of his on going plan. Furious of Blade's interruption of his party Dracula attacks and is shocked to find his long time vampire hunter foe is now a vampire himself. As the battle rages, Anton takes Domini, already visibly pregnant somewhere safe.

Blade appears to have the upper hand when he stabs Dracula in the back with one of his wooden daggers. However, Dracula turns around, and mocking the fake Blade's inferior skill to the original impales the vampire doppelganger in the chest with a stake killing him.

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