Eric is the main antagonist of the 1994 film Killing Zoe. He is Zed's childhood friend from Paris, who he calls back to help him perform a bank heist. 

He is portrayed by Jean-Hugues Anglade.

In Paris, Eric, who had planned a bank heist, called Zed to assist him, as he is a professional cracker. At a hotel room, Zed is greeted by Zoe, a prostitute, but Eric forces her out of the room so he and Zed can continue their plans for the heist. Later on, Eric explains to his gang that the next day is Bastille Day, which is when virtually everything is closed except for the holding bank, which is open on holidays. The gang spends the night at a jazz club, where Eric confesses to Zed that he has AIDS, which he had contracted through IV drug use.

The following day, the bank hiest is put into motion. Donning carnival masks, the gang breaks into the bank and begin killing those who do not cooperate, though Zed doesn't witness this. During the heist, Eric repeatedly kills his hostages, shocking the rest of the gang.

When the police shows up, the gang's plans start to disintegrate. Eric opts to throw a bomb into the vault, injuring a police officer in the process. Though they find the gold, they are surrounded and unable to escape. Meanwhile, Zed recognized Zoe at the bank and attempts to protect her from Eric, who responds by slashing Zed's cheek and claiming that their friendship means nothing to him. The police promptly burst in and Eric abandons his men to be killed, pursuing Zed and Zoe. Eric battles Zed, proclaiming that he will rape Zoe. He eventually gains the upper hand and holds the two at gunpoint, but is surrounded by the police. Eric tries to fire anyways, only to discover that the gun is empty. The police immediatey gun down Eric, who falls onto Zed and splattering his blood on him.