Era Gecka

Era Gecka is a boss and a villain in the game Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg.

He a crow who has took the form of a lizard.

Era Gecka was one of the crow bosses who were sent by Dark Raven to take over a region of Morning Land, Era Gecka was tasked with Forest Village. Him and his minions succesfully took over Forest Village and sealed the elder in a golden egg so he could not bring light to Forest Village.

When Billy started his adventure at Forest Village, he fought through Era Gecka's minions and freed the elder of Forest Village, once the elder brought morning back to Forest Village, Billy made his way to the shadow portal where Era Gecka lurked.

Era Gecka fought by sending small waves of energy at Billy by flicking his tail, he also had the ability to shoot laser beams out of his mouth. Once Era Gecka has attacked Billy for a certain time, Era Gecka would shoot water out of his mouth to make all of the tall grass grow, he would then shrink and hide in the grass, Billy had to run him over with his egg in order to stun Era Gecka and harm him.

Once Era Gecka had been defeatet, he relinquished his emblem of courage.

Era Gecka later appears as a shadow clone in the boss battle with Dark Corvo, where, when he was summoned he would chase after Billy and do his energy tail whip.

Era Gecka is the first boss, the next boss is Captain Glur.