From the year 3786, the Lord of Time attacked the JLA while using his miraculous chrono-cube to peel back the fourth dimensional veil of time. Seeing his defeat, the Time Lord learned to move diagonally through history and accessed anything that was vital to him which spanned millions of years since he had a goal of conquering time and space.

The Time Lord brought minions from both the past and future to do what he wanted which caused him to come into conflict with the Justice League. Felix Faust used his arcane sorcery to spirit them away even as the League fought them. The JLA started to track down the Time Lord after defeating Faust and Superman noticed on his wristwatch that he was able to take his fellow colleagues to the year 3768 to capture the villain in his lair.Though delayed by three demons in the 21st century, the Justice League finally returned the Lord of Time to the 20th Century to stand trial on Earth. The Lord of Time was able to escape and has battled the JLA with his knowledge on advanced sciences in the future.

The Lord Time constructed the Eternity Brain (a computer obligated to control time that would not be halted once programmed) to he can destroy the JLA and JSA. The Lord Time arranged for Black Pirate, Enemy Ace, Jonah Hex, Viking Prince, and Ms. Liberty to be given powers in order to defeat both the JLA and JSA at their annual reunion. Then the Lord of Time would make the heroes come to his lair since he knew that their defeat would make them stronger to overcome the Eternity Brain and save the entire time-space continuum. The plan worked when Elongated Man used his own plastic body to short circuit it which pleased the Lord of Time.

The Lord of Time went to the future and cloned a family of six sons and one daughter who grew into adulthood. The sons hated their father and stole the chrono-cube from him, however the Lord of Time was able to get it back and erase them from the face of the Earth with help from a superhero known as Steel.

Superman/Batman-Worlds' Finest

The Lord of Time appeared once again and trapped Batman, Robin, and Kal Kent of the 853rd Century in a time loop after asking a prison on Pluto. The Lord of Time went back in time to confront the original Batman, Robin, and Superman where he trapped them in a barrier. Fortunately, the heroes escaped and damaged his Anti-Hourglass that allowed the Lord of Time to control his travels. The Lord of Time started to travel through time in an uncontrolled manner where he saw Brane Taylor, Damian Wayne, and the 46th Century Superman because landing in the 853rd Century where he served his sentence.