The Eoraptors are villains in the 1998 film The Lost World.


While her friends are trying to prepare a parachute in order to leave The Lost World, Djena wanders around and discovers the carcass of a Velociraptor devoured by Eoraptors. She tries to flee, but an Eoraptor sees her and attacks her, wounding her leg. Her friends hear her and come to help her, however the Eoraptors begin to surround them. They manage to kill some of the dinosaurs who pounced on them, then they flee and mount on a large rock to get to escape the reptiles. One of them attacks Malone during his climb on the rock, but it is quickly repulsed. The Eoraptors encircle the rock, waiting for the group to come down, while Challenger tries to throw stones at them.

At night, the Eoraptors are still waiting near the rock. Suddenly a Tyrannosaurus arrives and scares the group, who fall from the rock. The Eoraptors take the opportunity to attack Djena while Malone has his leg stuck between two rocks. One of the Eoraptors also attacks Challenger, but the latter manage to repulse it. As Malone finally frees his leg, the Tyrannosaurus scares the Eoraptors away, then it devours Djena alive.