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Enrico Maxwell (エンリコ・マクスウェル, Enriko Makusuweru) is the secondary antagonist of the anime/manga series Hellsing. He's the fanatical leader of the Iscariot Organization and leads the charges against all "unholy" creatrues and heretics on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church. He's one of the primary rivals to the Hellsing Organization next to The Major.


In the manga, Maxwell has blond hair and blue eyes. In the anime (both the TV and OVA series), he has silver hair and purple yes. His main attire is a purple priest coat with white sleeves and gloves. He also has a pony tail and later on has a red and gold archbishop sash.


Maxwell is a deep religious fanatic which suits him well as the leader of the Vatican's Iscariot Organization. He's obsessed with power as he controls his subordinates with an iron fist and takes great pleasure in watching violence unfold between Hellsing and Millennium. His motivations are based on pure desire for power which makes his underling Alexander Anderson question him. Being the head of the Iscariot Organization, Maxwell seeks to clense the world of "unholy" beings like vampires and also wants to clense both England and Europe of heretics such as Protestants as shown when he was in London gunning down the remaining civilians because they were mostly Protestant Christians.

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