Enoch was a recurring antagonist in the Ben 10 series and the supposed leader of the Forever Knights.

When Ben was trapped in his Grey Matter form, he was captured by a scientist and taken to his home. Enoch sent three of his henchmen to retrieve the alien. Enoch obtains Ben and decides to use him for his men to test and to keep its discovery a secret. Having no further use of the scientist, he tells his men to get rid of him. Max and Gwen helped Ben escape Enoch's hideout. In his car, Enoch finds profiles of the Tennysons and ordered his men to find any information about them.

Enoch appears again using robotic baseball player duplicates to replace the president but was foiled by the Tennysons.

In an effort to use the Omnitrix for himself, Enoch kidnapped Ben and trapped him in a dream world to remove the Omnitrix. Gwen and Max used similar technology to convince Ben was in a dream. Ben managed to break out of his trance and trapped Enoch into a dream world of his own.

The Forever King was tired of Enoch's failures and decides to deal with the Tennysons himself, leaving Enoch trapped.