The Enigmas

The Enigmas

The Enigmas are multi-limbed demonic statues brought to life by very powerful dark magic and enemies found in Devil May Cry 3.

These entities that started out as mere stone statues, are animated by a very powerful evil spell via high-level magical incantation cast by an unknown conjuror, and they target their prey from afar with their magical bows.


As its name implies, Enigmas are mysterious looking creatures that are seen as possessed 6-legged Shiva-looking statues featuring one eye on the top of their heads.

Powers and Abilities

The Enigmas possesses certain magical abilities and they are deadly archers which makes them dangerous. Featuring only one eye, these have honed their aiming skills, and utilize them when firing upon their enemies. Using their six arms with spider-like qualities to create purple energy bolts, the Enigma are archer-like monsters, and also possess strong grayish dark green armor to prevent them being thrown off guard by light gunfire.


  • The Enigma monsters have appeared in the Devil May Cry 3 manga. In the manga, Dante fights several Enigma on the roofs of the Residential Area where the Devil May Cry shop is located. One manages to shoot Dante through the chest.