"Few names in the history of Kislev still evoke as much dread as that of Engra Deathsword. So complete was his destruction of Praag that the ruins of the city were infused with the stuff of Chaos. Old texts tell of the walls, once made of stone, transformed into a grotesque, fleshy substance said to be remains of those warriors who fought against the dark Champion's horde. These walls grew faces, and their mouths screamed blasphemous curses, driving those who heard them mad.

He was merciless, relentless and nigh invulnerable, clad from head to toe in armor of midnight black. His weapons were imbued with the unholy power of the Dark Gods. It took no less a man than Magnus the Pious to put an end to his bloody campaign. Had it not been for noble Magnus, the greatest cities of the Empire would have suffered the same terrible fate as Praag."

- Tsarina Katarina, Ice Queen of Kislev

Engra Deathsword, the Destroyer of Praag; was a Champion of Chaos Undivided and a prominent villain in the Warhammer Fantasy universe.