The Enforcer Sergeant (sometimes simply called the "Sergeant") was an able-bodied and loyal Enforcer officer, never identified by name. The Sergeant is completely loyal to Commander Feral and allows follow his orders without questioning them.

The Sergeant first appeared in "The Origin of Dr. Viper" where he assisted Feral in investigating the missing body of Elrod Purvis, who came back from the dead as a lizard known as Dr. Viper.

Later, the Sergeant tried to stop Past Master in "The Past Master Rings Twice" and failed.

The Sergeant was at Feral's side when Dr. Viper took over Mega Kat Tower during the episode "Destructive Nature".

The Sergeant also is an incompetent person because he failed to notice Hard Drive was sneaking into an Enforcer base during the episode "Night of The Dark Kat".

The Sergeant also grudgingly followed Lieutenant Commander Steele's orders when Feral was captured by Mad Kat in the episode "Enter The Mad Kat".

The Sergeant is an enemy to the Swat Kats since he was ordered by Commander Feral to go after them in "Katastrophe".

The Sergeant's last known appearances in season 2 were when the Swat Kats were dealing with Mutilor and when Dark Kat ramed the Swat Kats.


  • He was voiced by Jim Cunnings and then Ed Gilbert.