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The Enforcer was created by Hera to kill Hercules when Nemesis refused to do so. She was made of water and was thus extremely difficult to defeat. She forged a temporary alliance with a man named Gnatius who led her to Hercules at a local festival. She battled him twice. The first time, Hercules threw her off a cliff into the ocean where she regenerated. The second time, they fought in a forge and Hercules was able to defeat her by throwing her on to a pile of hot coals where she turned into steam (HTLJ "The Enforcer").

After her defeat, she was accidentally taken to the Underworld by Charon but because she wasn't a mortal, Hades didn't know what to do with her. When Hera created the Enforcer II, Hades sent the Enforcer to assist Hercules in defeating her. Once she did a good deed, he could classify the Enforcer and send her to the appropriate place. The Enforcer proved to be a great ally to Hercules. She saved Alcmene from the Enforcer II and Hercules called her a friend. When Enforcer II killed her, she was sent to the Elysian Fields by Hades (HTLJ "Not Fade Away").

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