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Energon Drones are main antagonists of Transformers: The Game, along with the Swindle units. They are random mechanical cockroach-like Transformers who attack the player in annoying swarms.

In the gaming title, an army of these insect-like make their first appearance as enemies in the Autobot campaign. When the heroic Bumblebee intercepts Hover Dam, he attempts to steal the Allspark by shrinking the colossal thing down and escorting out of the Decepticons' grasp. However, the Allspark emits life giving energy waves as it slowly becomes small, activating a swarm of energon drones to attack Bumblebee. At the same time, a paralyzed, thawing Megatron is in the other side of the room, trying to take down Bumblebee along with Hover Dam's defenses. The scouting Autobot fared, however, and the Decepticons were ultimately defeated. Ironhide later encountered another swarm of these critters in Mission City, but had them taken care of with his heavy weaponry.

In the Decepticon campaign, another wave of these seemingly netural drones attack Scorponok in Mission City.


  • Where the drones came from are unknown. In a cutscene, one can see a group of lifeless drones randomly sitting in the street and are awakened by the Allspark's presence.
  • They resemble the Insecticons, as they are sometimes evil yet weak bug-like Transformers.
  • The drones are likely non-sentient neutral enemies that attack both the Autobots and Decepticons.

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