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The unnamed army's dead leader.

The unnamed Enemy Army is the antagonistic force from Ikari Warriors. They are a army which operates in an undisclosed portion of South America, having kidnapped the Ikari Warrior's commander General Kawasaki/Colonel Cook, after which the two Ikari Warriors Ralf and Clark are dispatched to take them down and rescue their commander. However, their plane is shot down by the enemies, forcing the two to travel the remaining distance on foot, armed only with their machine guns and grenades.

In a unsettling twist, when reaching the enemy base the Warriors find the army's leader, who is already dead and is just a large corpse sitting on his chair. They are still forced to destroy the army's dead leader, as his chair is attached to four gun turrets and is also blocking the way to the prison cells. Once the two destroy the corpse and the chair, they finally rescue their commander and escape the place.

In the Japanese version of the game, the army is clearly shown to be Nazis, with a swastika in the floor of their base, which is removed from the international versions.

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