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Endzeichen Grimms were the worst kind of Grimm there could be: ruthless, xenephobic killers. Hundreds of years ago, they roamed Europe, massacaring all Wesen they met: men, women, children, and even pets kept by Wesen. This wholesale killing of Wesen was called the "Sterbestunde," which translates to "The Hour of Death." Before they were killed, the Wesen would be tortured in incredibly brutal and horrific ways, such as having their fingers, toes, arms, legs, and even genitals chopped off for trophies. Unlike normal Grimms, they did not care if the Wesen in question were good or evil; they simply killed them because they were Wesen. Although apparantly extinct, the influence of the organisation is still felt in the modern world, and all Wesen are terrified of them; The sign of their symbol was enough to cause widespread panic.

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