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The Ender Dragon is the final boss of the popular video game, Minecraft. She is a huge black dragon that dominates the End and the leader of the Endermen, however this is not confirmed. After entering the End, Steve must fight the Ender Dragon and kill her, or he will die/be trapped in the End forever; the game will not allow Steve to exit the End alive unless the Ender Dragon is slain.

She appeared in the backstory of Minecraft: Story Mode.


The Ender Dragon lives in the dark dimension known as The End, which serves as the End stage of sandbox-style game. The Ender Dragon can destroy almost any block (excluding End Stone, Obsidian, and Bedrock) in the game and therefore the player cannot make their own structure until the dragon is defeated.

The Ender Dragon flies around The End and is healed by Ender Crystals on top of Obsidian pillars. While she has the same color scheme of a Enderman, she does not have the same ability of teleporting like one. The Ender Dragon is extremely hostile and will try to kill the player at all costs.

When the Ender Dragon is finally slain, she will drop enough experience for the player to get to over level 75 and leaves a portal back to the Overworld.


The Ender Dragon only spawns in the End, and spawns immediately as the first player enters the End. Players can also respawn the dragon by placing four Ender Crystals atop the exit portal, one on each side.


Once defeated, the Ender Dragon will appear to have beams of light spontaneously erupting from her body. She will then explode, dropping enough experience to bring a player from no experience to level 78 (12000 - 10 drops of 1000 experience, one drop of 2000 experience).

She will also activate the exit portal, and drop a dragon egg onto the top. This portal is found at X=0 and Z=0, at the Y-coordinate of the surface of the island.


The Ender Dragon will destroy any blocks she comes into contact with, except obsidian, end stone, bedrock, command blocks, barriers, and iron bars, end portal blocks, end portal frames, and end gateway blocks. Instead of destroying them, the Ender Dragon passes through them. When hit, an Ender Dragon makes roaring, growling and snarling noises. The flapping of its wings can also be heard as the dragon moves.

The Ender Dragon has a purple health bar that appears at the top of the player's screen. This bar indicates the remaining health of the resident Ender Dragon. Each End dimension houses a single Ender Dragon whose health is periodically healed by nearby ender crystals. Destroying an ender crystal while the Ender Dragon is being healed by it (indicated by a series of circles appearing between the ender crystal and the Ender Dragon) will cause the Ender Dragon to take 10 damage.

The Ender Dragon takes 1-4 normal damage + 1 when hit in any part except the head.

Any living entities hit by the dragon's wings will be dealt 5 damage and thrown through the air, sometimes to fatal heights or off the island. Living entities hit by the dragon's head will take 10 damage. Neither of these effects is applied for 1-2 second after the dragon takes damage.


The Ender Dragon's fire breath

The dragon has a 10-second-long breath attack that does damage (like a Lingering Potion of Harming) after the first half-second, and an exploding fireball that acts much like a Lingering Potion of Harming II. The dragon doesn't take damage from snowballs, eggs, or other attacks that normally deal no damage.

The dragon has four states: circling, strafing, charging, and landed. It begins in the circling state. When landed and cumulative damage while landed exceeds 50, it will take off (to start circling) and reset the accumulator. The accumulator is not reset if the dragon takes off naturally.

When circling, the dragon will circle outside the ring of pillars if ender crystals remain or inside the ring if not. With increasing chances as crystals are destroyed it will land on the empty portal or will strafe a player within 64 blocks of the portal.

When strafing, the dragon will fly towards the target player and shoot a fireball when within 64 blocks before resuming circling.

When charging, the dragon will fly rapidly towards the target player's position at the start of the charge, then resume circling whether or not the player was actually hit.

She will not target other mobs, but should it hit an enderman, the enderman will turn hostile towards the Ender Dragon. Blazes, wolves, and zombie pigmen will also turn hostile to the Ender Dragon. Whenever the dragon finds itself nearer than 10 blocks to is current target or more than 150 blocks away, it will choose a new target. When damaged it will target a point just behind itself, causing it to turn away and choose a new target.

To land, the dragon flies to the empty portal (approaching from the side opposite the player, if applicable) and perches on top. After 1.25 seconds, if a player is within 20 blocks of the portal it will roar (2 seconds) and then use its breath attack for 3 seconds. While the dragon is using its breath attack, the player can obtain dragon's breath by using a glass bottle on the breath. If no player is near enough for 5 seconds, the dragon will charge at a player within 150 blocks or will take off and begin circling if no player is found. It will also take off and begin circling after the fourth consecutive breath attack. While landed, the dragon is immune to arrows.

If it's not landed and takes fatal damage, it will fly to the vicinity of the portal before actually dying.

The dragon can be respawned as often as desired by placing player-made craftable ender crystals, but subsequent dragons only drop 500 XP and don't place a dragon egg. When the dragon is respawned, a series of explosions reset the obsidian pillars, iron bars, and ender crystals.

Minecraft: Story Mode

In the game Minecraft: Story Mode, the Order of the Stone's last mission was to kill the Ender Dragon, but she proved too powerful for them, so their leader, Soren the Architect, used a Command Block to blink it out of existence. However, the Order wanted too much fame, so they lied to the entire world about killing the Ender Dragon in more epic ways. Because of their lies, Ivor quit being a member, and wanted revenge on them by creating an advanced Wither: the Wither Storm.



  • The Ender Dragon is apparently a female; she lays eggs and Notch himself has said "she" when referring to the Dragon.
    • However, Notch has also stated that genders do not exist in Minecraft. Despite this, most players still refer to the dragon as a female.
  • Originally, the Ender Dragon was planned to be a normal red dragon. However, Notch later changed its texture to be like that of an Enderman.
  • The Ender Dragon can lay eggs like any other dragons, apparently. A Dragon Egg can be seen on top the fountain-like portal that leaves The End and returns to the Overworld.
    • Intriguingly, Dragon Eggs can teleport like Endermen. This could hint that the Ender Dragon is capable of teleporting, but chooses not. Why they do not is unknown.
  • The Ender Dragon may not be evil, but rather mad; to get the End, you must kill at least 12 Endermen, and the Ender Dragon may simply be after vengeance.
  • The Ender Dragon, along with Shulkers, are the only hostile mobs able to spawn naturally in a Peaceful difficulty setting and will not despawn when the difficulty is set to Peaceful, both unable to damage the player.

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