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Empress Conscious (ボ帝コンシャス, Botei Conshyasu) is the main villainess and final boss of Ai Cho Aniki. The wife of Botei, she seeks revenge on her husband's death, so she rebuild his army to take over the galaxy, kidnapping the hero Idaten who had defeated Botei. Without a champion to face this threat the two bodybuilders Adon and Samson, with the aid of Benten, take upon themselves to save the universe.

The game has four possible endings, and though she ends defeated in all of them, her ultimate fate varies. She dies in three of them, but on the last one she is saved by Idaten, who had fallen in love with her. One of the endings has her unleashing a more powerful, revived Botei upon the heroes, who fight this new enemy but forget to rescue Idaten. In the last ending, Conscious made Idaten so fat, the others barely recognize him.

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