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Emporer Breet is a minor character in Pet Alien. He is the evilest emporer in the whole galaxy.


Emporer Breet first appeared in "Evil Emporer" where he posed as a little boy that Melba got to babysit for her. The aliens kept claiming him to be an evil alien overlord but Tommy didn't believe them because he kept hypnotizing Tommy with his disguises' cuteness.

Later, Dinko started to think that Tommy was right that he was a little boy at least until Dinko and his brothers saw the crop circle that Breet had mowed. Breet finally revealed himself when Tommy was yelling at the aliens and started to blast them with lazers.

Before he could finish them off, Melba took Breet (still thinking he was a sweet little boy even though he didn't have his disguise on) and went to babysit him. Fortunetly, Dinko and the gang defeated Breet with musical chairs and lolipops (which are his one weaknesses) and he went back to Conforma.

Breet returned in another episode when he chose Swanky to be ambassador to a planet. When Swanky went, it turned out it was a planet of slaughtering demons and Tommy and Dinko had to go defeat Breet again and save Swanky.