Emperor of Texas

The Emperor of Texas

The Emperor Of Texas was a supervillain from Marvel Comics.


Presumably inspired by his own name, Rome became obsessed with ancient Rome, the Roman Empire, and the Roman gods. He became quite wealthy as an auto designer, though he never knew love for another person. Eventually he decided that he would recreate the Roman Empire, using Texas as the heart of the Empire. He established a base within a mountain, and designed several cars which he could take control of and fly to his base. He arranged for these cars to be sold to the wives and daughters of men who might be inclined to stop him. He then began kidnapping these women, holding them hostage to insure the compliance of their loved ones. He also obtained a nuclear missile, intending to use it to force the government to surrender control of the state of Texas to him.

Rome used one of his special cars to abduct PJ Clover, leading Texas Ranger Dixon Bowie and PJ's former boyfriend Luke Merriweather (Cowboy) to investigate. They followed a trail left by the mysterious Marauder (a person granted the collective abilities of Team America and controlled by their subconscious directions) to Rome's mountain base, at which point Rome used a tractor beam to transport both men inside. Rome then showed them his fortress, after which he imprisoned Merriweather and sent Bowie to carry his ultimate to the state senate: "Give me Texas--or I will annihilate it!" While PJ's father, Senator Clover was inclined to capitulate, Bowie refused, joining the rest of Team America in air-dropping atop Rome's base.

Meanwhile, Rome used Cowboy to provide entertainment, challenging his Death Chariots against Cowboy's motorcycle. Cowboy took out most of the chariots, then drove one headlong into the force field holding Rome's prisoners, freeing them, though he was knocked out in the process. As the cavalry arrived, a wind blew the rest of Team America to the other side of the hills. As Bowie arrived, attempting to arrest Rome, Air Force jets approached, and Rome commanded his Death Chariots to punish Bowie. Marauder then arrived, destroying the Chariots. Furious, Rome used his control band to open the Jupiter satellite containing a Jupiter missile, intended to bring death to Austin. However, Marauder then tackled Rome, tore off his wristband, and closed the silo above the missile. While the warhead was not yet activated, the missile crashed into the closed portal, causing the roof to collapse on top of Rome, killing him.


Emperor of Texas has an uncanny similiarity to the DC villain Maxie Zeus, both are megalomaniacs and fanatical worshippers of the Roman gods (technically Maxie Zeus worships the Greek gods but the two pantheons are very similiar, due to Rome adopting and renaming many of the older Greek gods).