Oh terrific! You invite people to your planet and this is how they treat you.
~ Emperor Tod Spengo.

Emperor Tod Spengo is the tyrannical ruler of the alien planet Spengo and the main antagonist of the 1992 sci-fi comedy film Mom and Dad save the World.

He is portrayed by Jon Lovitz.

He takes over a small planet at the edge of a galaxy populated by idiots and renames it after himself. His goal is to destroy the planet Earth so his own planet will be the greatest in the universe. He is in love with the leading lady, Marge Nelson (the mom), though she is already married to the leading man, Dick Nelson (the dad). In fact, he uses a giant magnet to take them both. Tod Spengo is assisted by General Afir, who secretly despises him.

Spengo is ultimatey defeated when after a sword fight with Dick, Marge intervenes by distracting him so Dick can crack open a pipe blowing hot steam in Tod's face. Dick beats Tod up a little and sends him down a garbage chute where his crash landing disturbs a sleeping family of Lub-Lubs, monstrous mushroom-like creatures, who wake up and proceed to close in on him.

Tod's fate is unknown, as he is last seen screaming at the sight of the mushrooms. Dick encountered the creatures earlier in the film and managed to escape.