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Emperor Raj is an anthropomorphic tiger and the main antagonist of the 1994 direct-to video Golden Films film The Jungle King. His personality is very similar to Scar, trying to take over a place. It is possible that Raj is voiced by Richard Newman.


Emperor Raj's personality is ruthless, because he and his tiger army try to take over Maxmilian's Kingdom.

Information on the Film

Emperor Raj is seen in another kingdom where he tells his soldiers to take over Maximilian's kingdom. Near the end of the film, Raj sends his army to attack Maximilian's kingdom. He was taunted by Maximilian and Irwin when the inhabitants of Maximilian's kingdom were fighting his soldiers. After that, Raj and his army retreated and the animals of Maximilian's kingdom cheered for Maximilian.


" ATTACK! Take no prisoners. "

~ Raj, telling his tiger soldiers to take over the kingdom.

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