Emperor Penguin (real name: Ignatius Ogilvy) is a villain in the DC Comics and an enemy towards Batman and the Penguin. He use to work for the Penguin, as his right-hand, but was secretly planning to overthrow his criminal organization through his trust.



Years ago, Ignatius Ogilvy was the son of a henchman of a gangster in Gotham City. When Ogilvy was young, he witnessed his father getting murdered in front of him shortly after they left the movie theatre. Years later, Ignatius was recruited into the Penguin's crew in his teen years, while Ogilvy was trying to make a name for himself. He quickly rose up through the ranks, from a look-out, all the way up to becoming Penguin's right hand man.

Ogilvy also managed to earn the Penguin's trust, which was a very difficult feat to accomplish. However, Ogilvy decided to use this to his advantage, as he was planning to take over. When Joker came back to town, The Penguin's attention was called elsewhere, and he left Ogilvy in charge of his operations temporarily. With that, Ogilvy decided to use this turn of events to his advantage, and took over the Penguin's criminal organization. as soon as he took over, Ogilvy decided to go under the alias of Emperor Penguin.


  • Emperor Penguin has three scars on his left arm, due to his first encounter with Batman. Batman tossing some of his batarangs, resulting in Ogilvy receiving deep cuts.