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Emperor Nogo is the main antagonist of the anime Glitter Force. He is the ruthless ruler of the Shadow Realm.

Nogo 2


Nogo tried to take over Jubiland, but Queen Euphoria fought against him, and used all her power to seal him away.

However, his servant, Rascal, converted Ulric, Brute, and Brooha to his side, and they began to invade Earth, painting futures black to suck out people's hopes and dreams in order to create negative energy, which they would then use to turn the Wheel of Doom closer to releasing Nogo. Eventually Nogo was released, but the Glitter Force defeated him in Princess Mode, sealing him inside an egg.

Rascal recovered Nogo's egg, and he and the others repeated their tactics to turn the Wheel of Doom to release Nogo again. Once Nogo had enough negative energy, Rascal sacrificed himself to awaken him. Nogo summoned an army of shadow giants and shadow monsters to attack the earth. The Glitter Force fought against them, but the monsters won, and Nogo painted the Glitter Force book black, causing the Glitter Force to fall into the Land of Despair, from which they were rescued by Candy. Nogo attacked Candy, but the Glitter Force transformed into Royal Mode and beat up Nogo.

However, Nogo survived and transformed into a giant void, beginning to consume the earth, and smashed the Glitter Force with his fist, breaking their transformations. Using the Miracle Jewel, the Glitter Force transformed a final time and, alongside Candy, used Miracle Rainbow Burst to destroy Nogo once and for all (strangely with a hug and smile).


  • Nogo's Japanese name is Pierrot. In Sailor Moon, a magical girl anime very similar to Glitter Force, Pierrot is the name of two Monsters of the Week, which is ironic because Nogo is the main villain.
  • His English voice actor is currently unknown.
  • Nogo's kingdom is called the Shadow Realm, which is also the name of a location in Yu-Gi-Oh that is often believed to be Hell, and ruled by Zorc.

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