Emperor Megas

Emperor Megas, also simply called Megas, is the main villain and final boss from the console versions of Valis II.


Megas was one of the two sons of Kaiza, along with his brother Rogles, and the rightful heir to the throne of Vecanti. However, Rogles and Kaiza conspired against Megas so that Rogles would become the next ruler. Rogles sent his followers to kill Megas, but even though Megas was mortally injured he managed to survive by mechanizing his body. When Kaiza learned of Megas survival, he banished him to a dimensional prison, where he remained for a long time.

After Rogles was defeated by Yuko Aso, the Valis Warrior, Vecanti was thrown into a civil war, as the soldiers who were still loyal to Megas freed their ruler from his dimensional prison, immediately setting to fight the remaining soldiers loyal to Rogles and reclaim Vecanti. Megas eventually sets his sights on the dream world of Vanity, while at the same time Rogles's followers invade the Real World, seeking to steal Yuko's Valis Sword in order to fight Megas. Yuko fights the forces of Rogles and goes into Vanity, when Queen Valia dies from illness. The spirit of Valia confronts Megas, discussing his motivations, but he says he will do what is necessary to take over, even use brute force, after which he'd gladly relinquish power to another successor.

Yuko fights against Megas's army and defeats all of his generals, finally confronting Megas. Upon being defeated, Megas congratulates Yuko, saying that she shared the same destiny as him and wishing her success, before dying in her arms.


  • In the computer versions of Valis II, Megas is referred to as Cruel King Megas, being depicted as a completely different character, being a total opposite of his console version.