I have been informed that a Runewarrior has liberated the Onyx Bay. Yes, yes, we won't be able to execute him at once, will we? See to it that he doesn't make it to the upper part of the city. And give the local assassins a little piece of advice. The quicker he disappears form here, the better as far as I'm concerned.
~ Magnus Arias to his general Yrmir.

Magnus Arias is the Emperor of Xu and the secondary antagonist of Spellforce: Shadow of the Phoenix. He is always followed by a mechanical guardian, the Bronze Giant, built by his ancestors. Although he thinks of himself as a god-like figure he is only a puppet of the Circlemage Hokan Ashir.



Magnus Arias was wed to Kaira Faran and they recieved a daughter, Alyah. But when His lust for the dryad grew to strong he banished his wife from the palace. His daughter never forgave him for that. Later, he also fathered a son on a tavern wench. This boy, Ishtar, later became the leader of the palace guard.

Shortly before the events of the game Magnus hired a new councillor. This man was the disguised Circlemage Hokan Ashir. Ashir soon gained control over the emperor and made him his servant by promising him to teach him the power of the allfire used by the Circle.

During this time he also made an alliance with the Spider Master. To ensure the loyalty of the giant spider he ordered the guard to kidnap young girls and sacrifice them to the spider.

Shadow of the Phoenix

When the Runewarrior entered Empyria Magnus recieved the ambassador of the Kathai, Haran. Haran told him that Kathai was besieged by undead forces but the emperor dismissed him. When Haran left Magnus told his guard to kill him before he left the city. He also ordered his guard to kill the Runewarrior if he was to be found in Empyria.

When the Runewarrior came to the aid of the Kathai and defeated the undead forces, they were followed by the royal army led by the emperor himself. Magnus invited them to negotiations. He then ordered the leader of the Kathai to give up the Runewarrior and his companion, Magnus' daughter Alyah. When the Kathai refused he got angry and nordered his army to kill everyone including his daughter. Everyone except for Urias, who was killed by the bronze giant, escaped and the Runewarrior gatherd an army against the royal troops. While they fought Magnus Arias watched from a palanquin but was confronted by Alyah. He tried to use the magic taught by Hokan but as Hokan just tricked him he had no power. He was killed by Alyah. His troops then buildt a funeral pyre for their fallen emperor and retreated back to Empyria.