Emperor Kans

Emperor Kans in his glory

Emperor Kans is the main antagonist of Krishna Aur Kans. He is inspired by Kamsa, the diabolical demon warlord from the Hindu myth of Krishna.

Krishna Aur Kans

Emperor Kans is an evil king who seizes power over India and terrorizes the local villages. He imprisons his father, the king, to take over the kingdom, and does the same with his sister, who marries a servant, because he fears that, according to a prophecy, a mystical child will be born and defeat him. Kans makes his move, killing Krishna's siblings. Fortunately, Krishna, who happens to be his nephew, is spared, but as he grows up, the villain sends demons after the child, who defeats every one of them. But Kans doesn't stop there. He challenges Krishna to a match, but his lust for power leads to his downfall.