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Emperor Carter was the main antagonist in the Family Guy Star Wars parody specials. He was portrayed by Carter Pewterschmidt. He was the Dark Lord of the Sith whose goal was to rule the galaxy.

His apprentice was Darth Stewie, and he wanted to get Luke Skywalker (aka Chris) to join the Dark Side. When Luke refused, Carter tried to kill him (ironically, he did so right after Luke sarcastically told him "You and what lightning hands?"). However, Carter was betrayed by Stewie, when he helped Luke because he had good manners, and hurled him down the reactor of the Death Star II which was an homage to George Lucas' Emperor Palpatine. While falling out he hit the Millennium Falcon's window which startled Lando (Mort Goldman) and Nien (Rallo Tubbs).


  • Ironically, the guy who played Emperor Carter, Carter Pewterschmidt, had played Uncle Owen Lars in Blue Harvest.


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