The Emperor Bulblax (Oculus supremus) is a massive grub-dog that serves as the king of the Bulborbs. He is the final boss in the 2001 Nintendo Gamecube video game Pikmin, and a reoccurring boss in its 2004 sequel, Pikmin 2. He is a massive grub-dog with eye stalks and red pupils, a massive toothless mouth with a purple tongue, and what appears to be a mossy shell on his back.



The Emperor Bulblax is final boss of Nintendo's Pikmin, as well as the holder of the last part of Captain Olimar's ship, the Secret Safe. He is seen buried in a sandy arena at the back of The Final Trial with his shell seen above the ground. Touching it with either Olimar or a Pikmin will trigger the boss battle.


When you fight the Bulblax, make sure you bring at least 20-30 Red Pikmin and 20 Yellow Pikmin. Blue Pikmin can be used, but they won't inflict as much damage as the Red Pikmin towards the Bulblax. When fighting him be sure to have Yellow Pikmin holding bomb rocks, and separate them from the Red Pikmin. Grab one Yellow Pikmin and throw it in front of the Bulblax, causing the Yellow to be grabbed by the Bulblax's sticky tongue and swallowed. The bomb the swallowed Yellow Pikmin was holding explodes, stunning the Bulblax for a limited time. The number of bombs swallowed at one time will affect how long the Bulblax remains stunned. When stunned, throw as many Red (and Blue) Pikmin as you can before the Bulblax regains consciousness. Repeat this a couple of times until he is defeated. Be careful when he gets halfway down on health, as he will start jumping around the battlefield and may land on your Pikmin, crushing them. The bombs the Yellow Pikmin were carrying are also crushed, defusing them. Once he reaches zero health, he will let out a yell of pain and in a circular fashion digs back into the sand, letting out the Secret Safe and five randomly colored 5-pellets. He is never seen again and presumably dies.

Pikmin 2

The Emperor Bulblax reappears in the sequel, Pikmin 2, as a reoccurring boss. The Bulblax in Pikmin 2 is smaller than the one fought at the end of the first game, but can re-act almost all of the first Bulblax's abilities, except his tongue can only catch 9 Pikmin at a time instead of an unlimited amount, and he lacks a high jump once his health depletes halfway. However, he has a new ability where he will randomly let out a menacing scream, causing all the Pikmin to panic, and awakens other Bulblaxes in the area. Eight Bulblaxes appear throughout the game, one on Sublevel 7 of the Bulblax Kingdom, two on Sublevel 4 of the Cavern of Chaos and Sublevel 10 of the Hole of Heroes, and three on Sublevel 5 of the Emperor's Realm in Challenge Mode.


Emperor Bulblax is much easier in the sequel than he was in the first game. There are three methods how to defeat him.

Purple Pikmin Method: Throw as many Purple Pikmin as you can at his face while he is underground. It is possible to defeat him in seconds as he emerges. Emperor Bulblax has been overthrown, allowing his treasure to be gathered.

Blue Pikmin Method: In the Hole of Heroes and the Emperor's Realm dungeons, large bombs Pikmin cannot carry are laid out throughout the level. Luring one of the Bulblaxes with Olimar, Louie, or The President to the bombs will cause that Bulblax to swallow the bombs by mistake, taking down a fifth of its health and leaving it stunned. Since some bombs are located in water, Blue Pikmin are the best to take down the Bulblaxes quickly, especially in Challenge Mode.

Ultra-Bitter Spray Method: By spraying his face with the Ultra-Bitter Spray, the Bulblax will be turned into stone for a limited time. If one is fast enough, they can toss as many Pikmin onto the Bulblax and defeat him before he turns back to normal.

Pikmin 3

Emperor Bulblax does not return in the third installment of the franchise. However, in the enemies folder, a model and texture of the Emperor Bulblax from Pikmin 2 appears titled "Kingchappy". This means Emperor Bulblax was intended to appear in the game, but he was scrapped for unknown reasons.

Hey! Pikmin

Emperor Bulblax is the penultimate boss of the game, found in Sector 8-E, The Last Lair. Unless the 30,000 Sparklium budget has been reach, he will be the final boss. His attacks are similar to those he used in Pikmin, such as his tongue whip, and the use of eating bombs in order to stun and attack him. He can also dig into the ground and uproot several enemies, such as Crumbugs and Sparrowheads. Upon defeat, he will drop the Teeny Power Plant, and should the Sparklium budget be met, access to Sector 9 and the Leech Hydroe.



  • Emperor Bulblax resembles Bowser in a way.
  • He has a female counterpart named Empress Bulblax.
  • He has a Right-Hand Man named Titan Dweevil.
  • His scientific name, Oculus supremus, translates to 'Supreme Eye'.
  • In Pikmin 2, the Emperor Bulblax has the least amount of HP out of all of the bosses.