Emperor Bog is an evil Martian dictator and the main antagonist in the infamous CGI animated cartoon series The Butt-Ugly Martians.

He was voiced by S. Scott Bullock.


The evil yet dimwitted ruler of the Martian populace as well as the commander of the three protagonists. Bog is often fooled by the Butt-Ugly Martians' fake progress reports despite the obvious flaws in them. He has little tolerance for imperfection, his idea of perfection being everything going in his own way. In Bog appears more than a whiny spoiled brat than an actual threat despite being the main antagonist. As the show progressed, he became more suspicious of his henchmen and was less fooled by their antics. He is incredibly lazy, admitting to not even having to pluck his own nose hair, but for some reason is very muscular and appears to be in very good shape. He appears slightly larger than the other Martians and has three prominent warts on his head. He wears deep red battle armour along with silver shoulder pads and indigo gloves. His skin is a blue colour and his eyes are a deep shade of red. He also has a very high pitched, obnoxious voice. He is almost always seen sitting in his throne and staring into some sort of screen.