Destroy the enemy Bakugan! All forces advance!
~ Barodius

Emperor Barodius (possibly, Koutei Barodius in Japan) is the main antagonist of Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders, and later the main antagonist of the first arc in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. His Bakugan partner is Dharak.

Later, he and Dharak were imprisoned by Code Eve when they refused to accept defeat and were transformed into the beings called Mag Mel and Razenoid. Barodius is also the arch-nemesis of Dan Kuso.

He was voiced by Shawn Meunier.


Emperor Barodius is an intelligent and powerful Gundalian. He is also the former emperor of the Gundalian empire. Being the most powerful brawler in the universe, he easily defeated his opponents.

Although Barodius is cunning and resourceful, he is also very ruthless, power-hungry, egocentric, cruel, conniving, manipulative, and devious. In this point, he also manipulates the other members of the Twelve Orders into doing his dirty work. He will also stop at nothing of getting off what he desired. Barodius is also very narcissistic and uncaring as he considers his own allies and soldiers expendable and cares nothing for their lives and only views them as pawns; as he disposes of them when they are no longer useful or sacrificing them in order to gain more power or to eliminate a strong opponent in his way.


He was born into a family that had ruled over Gundalia for generations. He was the leader of the evil Twelve Orders who reigned over Gundalia and who sought to conquer Neathia. Barodius had been able to rule Gundalia because of his overwhelming strength and special ability to execute battles simultaneously. When Barodius took the throne, he decided to change many of his father's policies, most notably the seeking the Sacred Orb despite his father having feared its power. This act sparked the Neathian-Gundalian War.

It has been stated that Barodius disliked his father a great deal, such as when he called his father a "superstitious old fool," and laughed insanely when he destroyed his father's portrait. He wanted the Sacred Orb so he could obtain the DNA Code of every Bakugan in existence, his ultimate goal being to create the most powerful Bakugan in the universe with which he would rule all reality. His longtime childhood friend and most trusted confidant were Gill, while most of the other Twelve Orders don't trust him or don't agree with what he is doing, but follow him out of fear.



  • He seems to be fond of Kazarina because he has given her numerous special favors
  • Dharak seems to be afraid of him, the reason for this is unknown
  • He disliked his father. He thought that he was a :superstitious fool"
  • Barodius is the most recurring villain in the Bakugan TV Series and is Dan Kuso's arch-nemesis and foil.