Emir of Schmow (or The Schmow as the Stooges call him) is a cut-throat man from the Three Stooges short, Malice in the Palace.

The story started with two men named Hassan Ben Sober, a doorman at the Oasis Hotel, and Ginna Rumma were waiting the Cafe Casbah Bah (a Middle Eastern restaurant) run by the Stooges for a man named Haffa Dalla for a map to King Rootin' Tootins' Tomb. But they heard someone else had a duplicate map. Knowing the famous 100-karat diamond was cursed to doom the first person to touch it, so they ask the Stooges for their assistance. But they were too late, they've received a message saying the Emir of Schmow got the diamond already.

Knowing it's government property, the Stooges decided to go after it themselves, return it, and get a big reward. They were able to get into the stronghold of Schmow, where they see the Emir laughing to the comics in the newspaper, wearing the diamond on his turban (not cursed for some reason). The Stooges decided to scare him by sitting on top of each other, wrap a drape around them, and act as the Evil six-armed Spirit that guards the Rottin' Tottin' Diamond. "The Schmow" was so scared, he surrendered the diamond, then they order him to stand on his head in his indoor lily pond. A few minutes later, they found the Schmow with his stomach flooded with all the water from the pond. So they bended him over, hit him in the stomach, and he started straying all the water back into the pond like a fountain.