Emily Culpepper is the main character of Ann Coleridge's children's book The Friends of Emily Culpepper and the interactive computer game of the same name. She lives in the last cottage in a row of cottages in a village in a quiet green valley.

Emily is nice, but what counts her as a villain is that just so she can talk to her friends (the milkman, the postman, and the plumber) anytime she wants, she gives them some kind of "special tea" (a potion) to shrink them and keeps them in a jam jar (on a shelf), a coffee jar (on the windowsill), and a pickle jar (on the mantlepiece), respectively. She does, however, allow them to breathe by poking holes in the lids. Daily, she only lets her friends out to eat their lunch on the kitchen table and play in an old dollhouse, but under any other circumstances, she keeps them in their jars. In the first place, it was done because of her loneliness.

One day, a policeman arrives to tell Emily she cannot keep her friends because A: their families want them to come home again, and B: the village cannot run without a milkman to deliver the milk, a postman to deliver the mail, and a plumber to fix their pipes. He tells her that it just isn't right to keep people in jars. She does let her friends go, but she gives the policeman some of her tea and keeps him in a jar, too. Like she did with her three friends, she only lets the policeman out onto the kitchen table to eat his lunch, but anytime else, she keeps him into his jar (though sometimes, like it was with with her friends, she has a hard time catching him).


According to the Interactive computer game version of the book, on page three, where the milkman is introduced, it is shown that Emily already has put an anonymous man under the spell and put him in a jar. When the player is playing within the book, the first click on the man in the jar will get him to warn the milkman (twice in a row) not to drink the tea and tell him to look at what it did to him (the anonymous man), and a second click will get him to tell the milkman that Emily will make him (the milkman) eat turnips if he's bad.