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"Nothing's ever completely dead." -Emily trying to convince Jessica, Duncan and Woody to have a séance.

Abigail Bishop (aka Emily) is the main antagonist of the 1971 John D. Hancock film "Let's Scare Jessica to Death." She is portrayed by Mariclaire Costello. Emily was born as Abigail Bishop, who drowned on her wedding day in 1880. When Jessica (Zohra Lampert,) her husband Duncan (Barton Heyes) and their friend Woody (Kevin O'Conner,) move into the old Bishop home, she possess as a young drifter. That night at dinner, she sings a song (Stay Forever my Love) with Duncan, and the mentally unstable Jessica suspects that Duncan is falling for her. However, she proceeds to seduce Woody. The next day, after Jessica and Duncan go to town to sell antiques, a young, mute blonde girl (Gretchen Corbett) leads Jessica to the body of the antique dealer. However, she flees upon seeing Emily approach. Emily also kills Jessica's pet mole. She then seduces Duncan, after Jessica makes him sleep on the couch. Jessica finds the Bishop family photo in the attic and points out how much Abigail looks like Emily. Emily assures her that she's not Abigail and the two go swimming. However, at the lake, Emily pushes her in and then disappears beneath the lake. Abigail then surfaces beneath the lake in her wedding dress, and attempts to bite Jessica. She flees to the house, and is trapped in her room, however, when Duncan doesn't return, she flees to town. There, she notices that the men in town all have bites on their neck, while at home, Emily (still in her wedding dress) seduces Woody and bites his neck, killing him. Jessica returns home to find Duncan, he attempts to put her to bed, but she sees Emily approaching with a knife and flees. Along the way, she finds the bodies of the blonde and Woody. She returns to town, and tries to board the ferry to rerun home again. Emily leads a mob to find the mentally unstable Jessica, who accidentally kills Duncan, believing him to be a vampire. Emily and the mob watch from the shore and then retreat, leaving the ultimate ending ambiguous.