Emilio Barbarigo
I feel no fear, assassin. Only regret. I sought unity. Stability. Order.
~ -Emilio Barbarigo's last words.

Emilio Barbarigo (1421-1485) is a villain from the video game "Assassin's Creed II". He was secretly a Templar, and a very wealthy nobleman in Venice. Emilio is the main antagonist of Sequence 7, The Merchant Of Venice.


Emilio Barbargo was a tyrant of Venice and secretly a member of the Templar Order. He is Ezio's first assassination target in Venice. He was an extremely wealthy noble merchant, and his only desire was to take over Venice. He is a member of the powerful Barbarigo family. He edged out the competition to gain control in the Venetian market. He had taken control of Venice's merchant district and was ruling it with an iron fist. He provided weapons to the other Templars in Italy. It seems he single-handedly funded the city guard. He lives in the Palazzo Della Seta, where he is always surrounded by many guards. Ezio sees him first at a meeting with Jacopo de' Pazzi and the Templar Grandmaster, Rodrigo Borgia. During this meeting, Emilio and Rodrigo kill Jacopo for his failure in Florence. Next time Ezio sees him is during a meeting at his Palazzo with Carlo Grimaldi, a government official who is secretly a Templar as well. Carlo informs Emilio that Ezio has arrived in Venice. Emilio is assassinated by Ezio shortly after Carlo leaves.