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Emil "Emilio" Böllemann
is one of the five main antagonists in the German comedy movie "Didi und die Rache der Enterbten". He's a criminal who's blackmailing little shops in Italy together with his accomplice Alfred.Like his four other relatives, Emilio is disinherited by his uncle Gustav Böllemann, who bequeathes his wealth to a related gravedigger called Didi Dödel. Manipulated with the sentence that dead people can't inherit any more by the attorney Dr. Prätorius, Emilio plans to kill Didi so he and the other four inheritors (the fifth one, Titus, suffocated because of an ananas) can share the money among them. After he tried twice to kill Didi together with Alfred, (first, they killed Rüdiger, the husband of Florentine Böllemann, then, they failed to kill the real Didi) he shoots Alfred in a fun house and later dies himself when he tries to kill Didi on a driving rollercoaster by falling from the rollercoster into a shooting gallery, where someone throws a ball at his face, making him fall down. It's unknown if he died because of the ball or because of his fall.


  • Emilio was played by Dieter Hallervorden, like all antagonists except Dr. Prätorius.