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Emile Dorian

Emile Dorian was a rogue geneticist specialized in splicing in the TV Show Batman: The Animated Series.


Emile Dorian was once a former geneticist in Gotham City where he was Kirk Langstrom's tutor. Upon creating the T-99 mutigen, Dorian turned to criminal activities. He was quickly found out and was forced to leave Gotham. He decided to move out to an inhabitant island, where he continued his experiments. He had managed to create Garth, a genetically-altered gorilla and later Tygrus, a half-man, half-tiger hybrid, with cunning and strength augmented attributes.

When Tygrus was feeling lonely, Dorian decided that he should find him a soul mate. He chose Catwoman as Tygrus' new mate and sent Garth to kidnap her. Garth took her to Dorian's island and Dorian subjected her to splicing. As a result, Catwoman was transformed into a half-woman, half-feline. However, Batman suspected Catwoman's appearance and tracked her to Dorian's island. Upon arriving, Batman witnessed Catwoman's transformation and attempted to save her, but Dorian sent Tygrus to kill Batman. When Tygrus learned that Dorian had tricked him, he turned on him. When the laboratory exploded, Tygrus saved Dorian and delivered him to Batman and Catwoman. Dorian was later sent to Arkham Asylum.

Background Information

Emile Dorian also appeared in the spin-off comic Batman Adventures. In issue 21, "House of Dorian", Emile escapes Arkham and enlists the unwilling Dr Langstrom (by forcibly turning him into Man-Bat) to capture Batman and Selina Kyle. His act of vengeance is, however, interrupted by the reappearance of Tygrus and the werewolf Anthony Romulus, the latter of which wants Dorian to revert him back to humanity. Man-Bat, Tygrus, Dorian and Romulus are all apparently killed in an explosion that ensues, although Dr Langstrom is later seen in "Chemistry" to have survived.

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