Roscoe (right) threatening Jason (left)

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Emil Roscoe was the nasty, crooked, vindictive, foul-mouthed villainous cop in the 1995 film New Jersey Drive.

He was portrayed by Saul Stein.


Roscoe and his gang's villainry is first shown in the beginning of the movie when Jason and his buddy are driving a stolen car, unknowingly. Roscoe sees this, and gets real angry, and he and his gang starts shooting at Jason and his pal. The nature of his acts, at times, earns his a villainous status. The way he harasses Jason is in such a way that constitutes black comedy. This triggers tensions between the two, especially Midget (who is no better than the cops are) the ugliest part of the tension which rears its ugly head. This leads to a couple of chases, some confrontations, including one memorable one in the movie where Emil beats the daylights out of Jason, then in a form of friendly villianry, offers a drink (in the beginnings) and says, "Keep in touch, kid." Quite an unusual villain, huh? The way his acts are played off for black humor.

Emil eventually gets his at the end, when the jury finally finds evidence to put him away.