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There's always some unhappy corner of the globe where we can ply our trade.
~ Emil Fouchon
Was it worth it?
~ Emil Fouchon

Emil Fouchon is the main antagonist in the 1993 film Hard Target.

He is portrayed by Lance Henriksen, who also portrays Dr. Jarret.


Fouchon is a wealthy sportsman who hunts homeless former soldiers as a hobby. However, when he discovers that he is being investigated by former Force Recon Marine, Chance Boudreaux, he sends 5 paid hunters, his right-hand man Pik Van Cleaf and a large group of his own men after him. Fouchon, determined to eliminate any "loose ends", follows Chance to a large warehouse where Chance kills all of Fouchon's henchmen, including Van Cleaf.

Fouchon then engages in a vicious gunfight with Chance, taking Natasha hostage and stabbing Douvee with an arrow. Chance then charges at Fouchon before dropping a grenade down his trousers. Fouchon tries desperately to dismantle the grenade but fails, and he is killed instantly when it explodes.


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