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Your ass is mine!
~ Emil Antonowsky to Alex J. Murphy

Emil Antonowsky is a supporting antagonist in the 1987 film Robocop.

He was portrayed by actor Paul McCrane.


Emil is the main accomplice of the nefarious crime lord Clarence Boddicker and serves as a despicable member of his gang. When a cop named Alex J. Murphy tries to arrest Emil at a steel mill while he is watching an inane television show, Emil and a number of other thugs overpower him and brutally kill Murphy. After Murphy is transformed into Robocop, the cyborg goes in search of crime on the streets of Detroit and eventually finds Emil terrorizing an innocent citizen at a petrol station. A stunned Emil recognizes Robocop as Murphy and tries to kill him again by blowing up the petrol station before escaping on a motorcycle, but Robocop manages to subdue him.

Emil melting

Emil after being drenched in toxic waste and looks like a mutated monstrous creature

Later, Emil and the rest of Clarence's gang are seen vandalizing a street before setting off to hunt down and destroy Robocop on the orders of Dick Jones after Robocop was rescued by Anne Lewis whom save him from the Detroit Police SWAT leader now turned traitor Lt. Hedgecock who betrayed Detroit Police to destroy him. At the steel mill, Emil attempts to run Robocop over with his van, but Robocop tricks him into crashing the van into a vat of toxic waste. Emil is doused in the acidic waste and his skin begins to melt off his body, leading him to wander aimlessly around the mill in agony. He then leaps into his comrade Leon who screams in terror, yelling him not to touch me and makes a run. Eventually, he stumbles into the path of Boddicker's speeding car and is promptly run over, his body violently splattering over the windscreen in the process.

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