Ember the Pain


Ember (also known as Ember, the Pain or Ember the Pain) is a fictional minor villianess who is a member of Nerissa's evil band of followers called the Four Knights of Revenge, which later, are known in the animated series W.I.T.C.H. as the Knights of Destruction.

Chronology: Comic Series


Ember in the W.I.T.C.H comics.

One of the Four Knights of Revnege, given life by Nerissa. Ember was created from the lava which flowed around Nerissa's tomb. She looks like a slender woman made of smoldering lava, with bat-like wings on her back and hair made of flames. Befitting her nature, she attacks foes with blazing hot beams from her weapon – a type of trident. He and Tridant are the only two knights made up from inanimated matter, and are opposites: fire and ice. She represents the pain that Nerissa felt while being locked away – that which she now wants to inflict on Kandrakar. She was absorbed by Nerissa in the final battle, caused her to melt again into lava and disappear.

Chronology: Animated Series

One of the Four Knights of Destruction, given life by Nerissa with her power over Quintessence from the lava which flowed around Mount Thanos.

She represents the pain that Nerissa felt for killing Cassidy. Ember gets her strength from the pain and hurt of her opponents. She looks like a lady with a pointy hair-do made from lava. Ember basically controlled the element of Fire. Her weapon is like a trident only made from lava rather than ice and shoots lava blasts instead of icy blasts.

Ember appeared to have some kind of "relationship" with Tridart. In "S is for Self", she was killed by Nerissa when she was absorbed by her.