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Eff, I really wanna go to karaoke.
Emalf is a major antagonist of The Gray Garden. He gets crush on Yosafire and Ivlis's underling.


Emalf is a older male demon with short hair, and thorny horns. He always seems to be wearing glasses, despite some thinking he looks better without them. His wings, like most of the demons, (especially from his world) resemble bat wings. He wears a high collar leather jacket with a flame pattern on it, with buttons on the sleeves and around the zipper line. Underneath, he just wears a gray tanktop with a necklace resembling a bat, and a spiked choker. His pants have a similar pattern to his jacket, but appear to be a darker hue. He has a dark gray belt, with a bat themed belt buckle visible.


  • In a first bad ending, if Yosafire takes a wrong turn during the flame chase, he will catch her. Rather than show the typical 'Game Over' when you lose the chase, this shows a special 'Bad End' panel.
  • His name spelled backwards is "Flame".

Theme Music​


Vs. Emalf ( Rock 48 ) The Gray Garden


Vs. Emalf and Poemi ( Rock 47 ) The Gray Garden

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