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Elzevir is a minor villain from Blood Omen:Legacy of Kain.


Elzevir was a skilled dollmaker, and secretly he was a collector of souls, trapping the souls into his dolls. When the King Ottmar opened a contest to commemorate the birthday of his daughter, where the one who made the finest doll would be granted a royal favor, Elzevir joined seeking the soul of Ottmar's daughter. He easily won the contest, and asked for just a lock of the princess's hair. With this, he trapped her soul into a rag doll. Ottmar became greatly depressed, mourning for his daughter all day and ignoring the imminent threat of the Legions of Nemesis.

The vampire Kain, at the advice of the Oracle of Nosgoth, sought Elzevir in order to get Ottmar's army to fight against the Nemesis. Arriving at the Elzevir's mansion, Kain is attacked by animated dolls, but easily dispatch them and finds the dollmaker inside the place. Kain slays Elzevir and retrieve the doll with the princess's soul, but question what were Elzevir's true motives.

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