Ely Vaughn is a psychopathic killer and the main antagonist of the horror-thriller film, Beneath the Darkness.

He is portrayed by Dennis Quaid.


Ely was a quiet man living in Texas, when he discovered that his wife Rosemary was cheating on him with a man named David Moore, he kills Rosemary and buries David alive in a grave. Two years later, a group of teenagers think they see a ghost in Ely's window who was actually Ely dancing with Rosemary's body, they sneak into the house and Ely grabs Danny before he can run away from him, Ely shoves Danny down stairs and brutally stomps his heads until he breaks his skull, Ely makes everyone trust him, believing that Danny died by falling in the stairs, Trevor and Abby return to the house to proof that Ely was the responsible for that, Ely knocks out Abby and puts her inside of a grave, he then shoots Travis and almost kills him, Travis wakes up in a hospital, knowing that Abby is still in the house, he escapes from the hospital with the help of his friend Brian and returns to the house again, this time alone. Ely wins again and takes them both to the same cemetery that he buried David, with the intention to do the same with both, Abby dresses herself with Rosemary's clothes and tricks Ely into believing that Abby is actually Rosemary, Trevor and Abby knocks Ely into the grave and locks him in there, however, Ely is captured by the police and ends up in a prison.


  • It's hinted that Ely might be a necrophile
  • Ely has some kind of mental illness, since he dances every night with Rosemary's body and believes that Abby is Rosemary.