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I wanna hug you and squeeze you.
~ Elmyra Duff
Elmyra Jessica Duff is an antagonist in Tiny Toon Adventures. She is an unintentional villain in the fact her crazed affection for animals leads her to capture them to keep as pets (often against their will) - she has no clue how to look after them and as such often causes them more suffering than good. Her mentor at Acme Looniversity is Elmer Fudd and she is in many ways a female version of him: though she hunts animals down out of misplaced affection rather than for sport.

Elmyra also has manic affection for the other villain in Tiny Toon Adventures known as Montana Max - though for some reason when Elmyra became a character in Pinky and the Brain she lost her apparent love for Montana Max (though by this time she had also apparently lost most of her connections with the Tiny Toons crew and was raising Pinky and the Brain as pets).

Although Elmyra is usually a recurring antagonist, in the "Can't Buy Me Love" segment of "Fox Trot", she is the main protagonist.


Elmyra has short red hair and wears a light blue, short puffy-sleeved blouse with frilly white cuffs and collar, a matching blue hair bow with a tiny skull in the middle, a white pleated knee-length skirt, frilly light blue, pink or white panties, matching training bra, white ankle-length socks and black Mary Jane shoes.

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