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Ellis DeWald was the main antagonist in the film Beverly Hills Cop 3.

He was portrayed by Timothy Carhart.



Oh, what's the matter, Foley? You mad at me for shooting your boyfriend? (Ellis De Wald)

Ellis DeWald is really evil man he used to be cop but somewhere in the line got corrupt or he cares about making money and being in charge he only cares about himself and his henchmen when he really doesn't give a damn is main person who kills Axel Foley's boss Inspector Douglas Todd this make him really dangerous man any one cross him he will shoot to kill anyone gets in his path. He also shoots Uncle Dave and frames it on Foley. But Dave survives and inform the police it's not Foley and it was DeWald, alerting Jon Flint DeWald's friend to DeWald's treachery.

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