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Elliot Chen is the hidden main antagonist in the videogame Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel.


He is an employee from the fair where Nancy go, he seem to like her at first, because he seem very friendly with her like all other villains from the series, but actually he is a thief and hides one of the carousel horses in his hiding place.

When Nancy found the horses he stole, like every villains he had followed her to trapped her, then Nancy told him that she found jewels in one of the horse and throw them at him, so, she can escape, after she make him fall in a hole Nancy call the police to arrest him. When he finally arrested and the horses are finally giving back to the carousel, she wright to her friend that Elliot will be back top the way he was before not liking her at all after being arrested, and it assumed that he still in jail after he was arrested by the police when Nancy return to her home after said goodbye to everyone from the amusement park.

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