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Elizabeth Greene is one of the main antagonists in videogame Prototype.



Elizabeth Greene is once a normal girl in Hope, Idaho. That is, until a virus is infecting the town, driving the citizens into madness. Greene manages to endure the virus, and being able to change it. However, Peter Randall, the commander of Blackwatch, imprisons her and takes her child, PARIAH, away from her.

Later, she is freed by Alex Mercer and escapes. She then sends a Leader Hunter to kidnap Dana, Alex's younger sister. Alex confronts Greene, demanding where is Dana. The reply is that "she's with us now", implying she has infected her. They fight until Alex injects her with the same parasite that lose his powers. Unfortunately, unlike him, her body rejected the parasite, creating the Supreme Hunter. She hides underground afterwards.

Greene later appears in a form of a blob monster. Alex manages to defeat it, causing it to spit her out, and absorbs her.

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