Mrs. Baske Transforming

Eliza Baske was the main villainess from Grimm episode 5.14 "Lycanthropia".

She was portrayed by Ann Cusack.

Eliza Baske was the mother of Doyle Baske, who was attacked in the opening scenes of the episode. They are both Blutbaden, but Eliza has lycanthropy, an affliction that drives Blutbaden insane and turns them into murderous beasts under the full moon—serving as the precursor of the werewolf curse. Eliza committed two murders during the first night of the full moon, but when Doyle is found with his clothes bloodied, he is suspected of being the lycanthrope by Nick and the rest of the group. Doyle is arrested by Nick and Hank, but is later bailed out, and the group learns the truth when Doyle woges into a normal Blutbad, meaning that his mother is the lycanthrope.

Meanwhile, the evil Eliza underwent her villainous transformation under the full moon, after restraining herself and locking herself in an isolated room. She broke free and later attacked Wu in the woods, but was later attacked herself by Doyle, who was in his Blutbad form. Doyle attempted to talk his mother down, only for her to lunge at Doyle. Eliza was shot and killed by Wu, and after morphing back to her human form, she apologized to Doyle before dying.